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About the Brand name!

We can hear some of you struggle with the 'Wyrd', or even thinking "what about that weird name?!" ... you're not far off!

'Wyrd' comes from the name of our home in London ('Way of Wyrd'), which in turns takes it from Brian Bates' book -'The Way of Wyrd', a tale of ancient Anglo-Saxon beliefs and religions. Therefore 'Wyrd' means: sacred, mystic nearly, different, special ... and indeed this is VERY special to us! Our 'Wyrd Bird' (Ed & S)


(you'll certainly note the bird on the book cover, also featured on the side of the boat ... more on all this to follow)

The Way Of The Wyrd by Brian Bates, a tale of Anglo-Saxon Sorcery and pagen Anglo-Saxon England. Based on Historical theories of Old England from an ancient manuscript, Wat Brand finds his vision of Middle-earth turned upside down.